Kids Furniture Buying Tips

Kids Furniture Shopping Made Easy!

Today’s parents are really busy. We get that, so that’s why we’ve made the kids furniture shopping experience at our online store quick and easy. We’re not like all the other stores and I’m about to tell you why.

We Have an Amazing Kids Furniture Finder

kids furniture finderIf you’re looking for one piece of kids furniture or an entire kids bedroom set you can find exactly what you need with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Our Kids Furniture Finder lets you do an advanced furniture search by clicking on one or all of our categories including: brand, type, style, collection, gender of child, color and budget. Once you choose all your preferences simply click on the View Now button and voila…all the kids furniture that matches your exact needs will instantly appear. Then it only takes a few more clicks to choose the furniture and buy it. Basically, your entire shopping experience may only take as long as it took you to read this paragraph. How’s that for saving time!

Limitless Product Information at Your Fingertips

If you’re the type of person who wants all your questions answered before you buy…we have that covered! If you like a certain bed you can go to the product page to see a picture of the item and get detailed info about the bed including style, finish, materials, price, dimensions and more, plus you can read reviews from other people who have bought it. If you still need to know more you can call our Customer Support Team and get every single question answered immediately.

Tips and Advice if You Are Unsure About What You Need

We offer articles that give you lots of tips to help you find the perfect kids furniture for your child. Our Tips and Advice section includes: Buying Guides, Parents Favorites, Design Ideas and Ways to Get Organized. What else could you need to know?

Keep up with the Joneses with our Best Sellers List

Want to see what other people are buying? Simply check out our Best Sellers list. You may just see that perfect kids bedroom set on there and your shopping spree will be over in a minute!

Super Easy Checkout

Once you’ve found exactly what you want it will take you no time at all to buy it. Our checkout process is so quick you’ll simply be amazed! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

February 14th, 2012

The Secret to Finding the Right Kids Bed

You’re about to learn the secret to finding the right kids bed…YOUR KID! When it comes to getting a kids bed for your child’s bedroom, your tastes and opinions don’t matter. It’s all about your kid’s likes, wants and needs, so get your tween or teen involved in the hunt for the perfect kid’s bed.

Kids Must Know Their Choices of Kids Beds

It’s very important for your child to know his/her kids bed options. There are tons to choose from, so why not present your child with a long list so he knows all the facts. I’ve made it easy and provided you with a handy list below.

* Twin BedsKids Beds
* Full Beds
* Queen Beds
* Captains Beds
* Bunk Beds
* Loft Beds
* Daybeds
* Trundle Beds
* Platform Beds

Tweens and Teens Must Know Their Storage Needs

Basically how much stuff does your kid have? If the answer is a lot then you might want to suggest a bed type with built-in storage This could be any twin, double or queen bed with bottom drawers; captains beds with multiple storage drawers; bunk and lofts beds with shelves and drawer options and more.

Color is Another Important Factor

If your child already has other kids bedroom furniture in the space then make sure you know what color it is. Then you can steer your child to pick a kids bed that goes perfectly with the current kids furniture.

Your Child’s Tastes are Important Too

Make sure to talk to your child about design tastes. Does your child get excited by traditional, practical furniture or would he rather impress his friends with a cool, hip modern kids bed? Once you have the answer, then you can find kids beds to suit not just his needs, but also his wants.

Don’t Forget to Measure the Room

Before shopping, make sure to measure the room, so you pick a kids bed that fits in the space.

Then it’s Time to Shop!

When you’ve narrowed the kids beds options down to the style, color, size and storage needed it will be time to shop. That’s when we can help. Put two seats at your desk and give your child the mouse and have him go to our kids beds section at and browse around till he finds the perfect kids bed for his bedroom.

January 17th, 2012

How to Hide Kids Toys in the Familyroom

Do you have a small home where kids’ toys are overflowing into adult spaces? If so, there’s no need to panic about the attack of the toys…there’s an easy solution.

Get some of our unique storage pieces that look great in “adult” spaces, but are made to keep toys in order, so that you and your kids can share the familyroom, but guests will never know.

Options for Just a Few Kids Toys in an Adult Space

Alaterre Links Bench with Black Baskets in Cherry

Alaterre Links Bench with BasketsThis bench and toy storage unit can definitely enhance your familyroom. It includes 4 baskets that fit inside the bench where kids’ toys can be hidden out of sight and the bench can be pushed under a window, adding extra seating to the adult space. Place pillows on top to make it even more comfy and inviting. This bench is available in several finishes with different colored baskets to easily match any room decor.

KidKraft Toy Caddy in Chocolate

KidKraft Toy CaddyGet one or a few of these toy caddies and place them on shelves, below tables or behind the couch in your familyroom. These caddies can hold several small toys, but can easily be tucked away when playtime is over. They’re available in many colors to match your room decor just right.

Options for Combining Kids Toys with Adult Knick Knacks

Bratt Decor Blu Cubby in Mocha

Bratt Decor Blu CubbyThis contemporary storage unit will look great in the familyroom and it will also allow you to keep all your kids’ toys hidden inside the 4 drawers, while you display your fancy knick knacks on the open shelves. It offers the best of both worlds…hidden kids toy storage space, plus a stylish looking unit where favorite photos and knick knacks can be displayed for all to see. You can choose between two beautiful finishes including: mocha and wheat.

Little Colorado Bookcase / Organizer – Unfinished

Little Colorado Bookcase OrganizerThis interesting looking unit comes unfinished to allow you to paint it any color that matches your other familyroom furniture and accessories. It includes a top shelf where you can keep your favorite books and has a larger middle shelf that’s perfect for displaying beautiful vases with flowers or other “adult” knick knacks. The bottom has several shelves with plastic bins included where kids toys can be kept in order and out of sight. When your child wants to play he can remove the plastic bin and take the toys out. When playtime is over he can just as easily fill the bin back up and put it back in place. This is a great way to keep toys out of sight and keep your familyroom tidy and free of toy clutter.

Stokke Keep Storage Unit

Stokke Keep Storage UnitThis beautiful, modern storage unit comes in many finishes to easily match your familyroom decor. It also offers plenty of hidden storage spaces where kids’ toys can be kept out of sight. There are also open shelves where you can place pretty trinkets that will enhance the look of the space. This is a unit that will add modern flair to a room while also giving you tons of ways to keep your kids’ toys in order.

October 11th, 2011

What to Consider When Buying Kids Dressers

Kids bedroom storage is a serious matter cause let’s face it; kids tend to have a lot of stuff. So, it’s important to know exactly what you need before you start browsing through the huge selection of kids dressers on the market today.
How to Buy Kids Dressers
Here are a few things to consider when looking at kids dressers.

1. How much stuff does your kid have and how many drawers will it take to keep all his/her things organized? By knowing the number of drawers needed you’ll be able to narrow down your kids dresser options.

2. Figure out where you will put the kids dresser and measure the space. Then you’ll know if you need to get a taller / thinner dresser or a shorter / wider unit.

3. If matching other bedroom furniture you’ll need to know the exact furniture color, so you can get a kids dresser that matches the rest of the set.

4. Decide if you’re willing to assemble the dresser or if you want one that’s pre-assembled and check to see how it is usually delivered.

5. Figure out the style you’re going for in your child’s bedroom. Is the room more traditional or is it modern or elegant? Get a kids dresser that matches the style of the room and other furniture in it.

6. Last, but not least, do your research about different brands of kids dressers to see what parents are saying and find out which dressers hold up best in a child’s bedroom.

Now that you know how to find the best kids dresser for your child’s bedroom, visit us today at to browse through our huge selection.

August 16th, 2011

Five Most Important Tips for Buying Kids Furniture

When setting up your child’s space it’s very important that you create a room that your child will like. This being said, the easiest way to do that is to include your child in the furniture selection process. I wouldn’t recommend sitting down with your little guy or girl and browsing the internet for hours looking at tons of choices. Instead, pick out some kids furniture brands that you really like and show your child about 5 options to choose from.

A Few Favorite Kids Bedroom Sets: SouthShore Willow Collection, Canwood Alpine II Collection and Powell Z Bedroom Collection.

#1 Include Your Child: So the first tip is to include your child in the shopping experience. Show your daughter or son some kids furniture options and see which set he/she likes best. Consider sets that your child can grow with likes ones with neutral colors and high quality pieces.

#2 Do Some Research: Make sure you look around at several kids furniture brands and choices before selecting the top 5 sets. Check out best seller lists and read some online reviews about various furniture brands to see which brands are built kid-tough.

#3 Think Practical and Economical: Kids will undoubtedly do their best to run their bedroom furniture set into the ground by jumping on the bed, slamming drawers, banging into dressers and leaving water filled glasses on nightstands. If you go with a furniture set that’s built of solid wood or wood pieces and has a hardy, protective stain and solid construction then your child’s furniture will stand the test of time through all the active years.

#4. Measure the Space and Assess Your Child’s Needs: Before making the purchase, measure the room and decide where you want to put the furniture. Then think about all your child’s stuff and how many drawers it will take to keep things organized. Write it all down and then go online and start looking for a kids bedroom set that will fit the space and satisfy your child’s storage needs. When you find some sets that meet your requirements, consider doing a diagram or laying tape out in the room where you’ll put each piece to see if it will fit the space just right.

#5. Safety, Safety, Safety: The last and most important tip is to make sure that the kids furniture set you’re getting is safe for your child. Here are some safety features to look for in furniture. Check to see if edges are rounded and hardware is hidden, so your child can’t get scratched and his/her clothes won’t get snagged on nails or screws. Only choose furniture that has non-toxic finish. Drawers with metal guides and safety stops will ensure that your child can get to his/her things easily and drawers won’t pull out of place. Check to see if dressers come with anti-tip kids, so they can be secured to the walls to keep your wild child from pulling a dresser over.

Once you’ve covered the bases and found a furniture set by a trusted brand that’s well built, fits the space and comes with top rate safety features then it’s time to set-up your child’s bedroom. If you do it just right, choose accessories like bedding, art, decorations that suit your child’s current likes that can be easily swapped out through the years to meet his/her personal tastes through every phase of life. That way you won’t ever need to get new furniture, just new accessories to save you money and satisfy your child’s needs for a space that showcases his/her personality at all times.

June 7th, 2011

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