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How to Create a Kids Bedroom That Doubles as a Kids Playroom

Ever feel like you want to pull your hair out ’cause your child is always stomping around saying “I’m so bored!” If this happens often, I’m guessing you don’t have a space in your home dedicated to just playing.

If you’re dealing with minimal space, but want your kid to zip it and have more fun, we have a solution. Simply transform your kid’s bedroom into a play space too!

Below you’ll see some unique kids bedroom furniture and accessories that add fun, as well as, function to a space. If you add one, two or all of the following items to a room your child will be comfy, organized and entertained for hours!

Bolton Bennington Twin Loft Bed and Tent with SlideOne example is the Bolton Bennington Twin Low Loft Bed with Bottom Curtain, Tower, Top Tent, and Slide with Blue and Yellow Fabric in Honey If you get this colorful and adventurous set for your child’s room he/she’ll have a hidden sleep / play space for great peek-a-boo fun, plus a slide leading to the lower play area that’s a tent covering the open space below the loft bed. The bottom play space can be used as a secret hideout, dragon’s lair or anything your child can imagine. Play possibilities are limitless with this loft bed and add-on play tent with slide. You can also hide storage units below the bed to keep the space more tidy.

Offi Terribear Jr Pet Lamp in Sky BlueThe Offi TerriBear Jr Pet Lamp in Sky Blue will add light and creativity to the room. This adorable pet lamp is in the shape of a cute teddy bear and can be used as a nightlight or as accent lighting. It will also add some fun since it comes with a washable marker your child can use to draw a set of bear eyes, nose and mouth right on the lamp, then erase them and draw again and again.

Alex Toys Magnetic Artist EaselFor even more artistic fun you can add the Alex Toys Magnetic Artist Easel to the corner of the room. This is one compact art easel that is double sided for double the fun. A child can create all sorts of artistic projects including paintings, chalk, crayon or marker drawings when using this cool, stand-up easel. It’s even magnetic and can hold your child’s favorite magnets.

Fun Rug Country Fun RugTo make the floor cozy and fun you can add the Fun Rugs Country Fun Rug 39″ x 58″. This rug provides comfort under your child’s feet, but also has a unique and playful design with roads that flow through a country town. Imagine all the toy cars and trucks that can be pushed along these rug roads inspiring hours of creative play.

Kid Kraft Sling BookshelfEvery play space needs a reading area, so add the KidKraft Sling Bookshelf in Natural to the room to hold your child’s favorite books. The nice thing about this bookshelf is that it’s quite compact and doesn’t take up too much floor space, but will hold plenty of reading materials to keep your child entertained for a while. Put the Fun Rug close by and your child will have a comfy place to sit while reading.

To see all of our exciting kids bedroom furniture visit us today at SimplyKidsFurniture.com.

December 21st, 2011

Offi Kids Furniture Creates a One of a Kind Playroom

If you want your child to have a unique playroom that isn’t just fun, but also modern to go with your home’s decor then you’ll definitely want to check out the cool kids furniture by Offi. This brand is ultramodern in style and functionality and the high-tech designs will ignite your child’s imagination and have him/her playing and creating for hours.

Below are just a few kids furniture options by Offi that will create an out-of-this-world playroom for any child! Play possibilities are limitless with this kids furniture in a playroom.

Offi Doodle Desk in BlueThe Offi Doodle Desk in Blue will definitely be your child’s favorite place to sit. The desk top has lots of room for doodling, puzzles and more and supplies can be stored in the small, pull-out drawer that’s under the seat. The unique design and two-tone finish will make this quite a stylish addition to any playroom. Don’t you just love the way this desk looks?

Offi EVA Foam Table and Chairs in Blue and GreenTo continue the beautiful blue theme in your child’s playroom you could add the Offi EVA Foam Chairs Set in Green/Blue and Blue/Green and the Offi EVA Foam Tables in Blue and Green. This kids table and chair set will make quite a statement in a space, while keeping your child sitting comfortably when doing crafts, puzzles, games, eating snacks and more. The vibrant colors and foam materials make this a stylish and sturdy kids table and chair set and the overall look makes it quite modern. Your kids will feel so hip when sitting here!

Offi TeddiBear Jr Pet LampA playroom should be fun, so why not add a very unique lamp like the Offi TerriBear Jr Pet Lamp to the space. This lamp provides soft lighting to the space and is so adorable with the teddybear look. It also comes with a washable marker, so the lamp doubles as an art project that your child can do and re-do as often as he/she wants. Imagine how much fun your child will have drawing eyes, nose and mouth, plus other bear details on this precious lamp. I bet you’ll want to draw on it too!

Offi has lots of up-scale, modern kids furniture that’s perfect for a child’s playroom or bedroom. If you want to see the entire Offi line, please visit us at SimplyKidsFurniture.com today!

December 16th, 2011

Who Knew Rugs Could Be So Much Fun?

Every playroom should be fun and comfortable and by adding a rug from the Fun Rugs collection you’ll accomplish both! Put some toy cars and trucks close by and your child will be inspired to go on lots of travel adventures without ever actually leaving home!

Fun Rugs Country Fun Rug 51″ x 78″

Country Fun Rug by Fun RugsThis large area rug will inspire your child to get down on the floor and play for hours. This comfy rug is filled with colorful images of town buildings surrounded by lots of winding country roads that when placed in your child’s playroom, will soon be covered with toy cars and trucks along with plastic town’s people all taking part in a fun adventure created by your child’s zooming imagination!

Fun Rugs Driving Time Rug 51″ x 78″

Fun Rugs Driving Time RugYour child will be enticed to learn how to drive at an early age with this cool, area rug in the playroom. Lucky for you there won’t be any real cars involved, just toy cars and trucks that he’ll push all around the twisting and turning streets that flow through the busy town design on this comfy rug.

Whether you choose the Country Fun or Driving Time Rug for your child’s playroom, you’ll be creating a very cozy and inspirational space that you’re kid is sure to love!

October 4th, 2011

Princess Vanities for a Little Girl’s Playroom

When setting up a playroom it’s important to think about all the activities that will take place in the space. If you have a little girl then there’s bound to be some primping and crimping and princess dress-up games that go on. Why not set the scene to make those moments extra special by getting a princess vanity for the playroom.

We offer lots to choose from, but a few of our favorites are made by Levels of Discovery and KidKraft. These companies know that little girls want a pretty vanity with storage space and large mirrors that let little princesses see themselves from every angle. Find out more about a few of our beautiful vanities that will help that special princess in your life feel like royalty.

Levels of Discovery Princess VanityThe Levels of Discovery Princess Vanity has some very special features that any little girl will love. The beautiful mix of pink and purple makes it quite stunning and the crown backrest on the chair with removable heart shaped cushion adds a touch of magic to the entire set. The seat back matches the heart shaped mirror with crown top to make this vanity design a royal beauty from top to bottom. Levels of Discovery finished it off with a very comfy seat cushion with decorative golden tassels, so that your little princess is sure to feel special every time she sits there.

KidKraft Princess VanityThe Princess Vanity by KidKraft gives your little princess a special place where she can keep her make-up and jewels that she’ll use to get ready for the royal ball. This lovely vanity has a three section mirror offering views from every angle for the best princess primping action. The crown on the mirror top shows that this is a very special dressing station while the pink lacquer finish with royal golden accents is sure to thrill her highness. The cushioned seat adds the comfort that your royal darling deserves.

If you’d like to see more of our beautiful kids vanities visit us today at SimplyKidsFurniture.com.

August 9th, 2011

Perfect Seating Options for a Kids Playroom

After a long day of playtime every child tends to get a little tired and sometimes even cranky and in need of some serious R and R. If your goal is to avoid the dinner time meltdown or cranky evening, then set-up a playroom space where your little guy or girl can kick back to unwind after all the playtime antics.

There are lots of kid size seats that can do the job to create the perfect lounging space for your youngster. Look at some of our beautiful examples below to see which kids chair or lounger is right for your cutie pie. To browse our entire selection of kids seating visit us at SimplyKidsFurniture.com today.

Kidkraft Rocker and Ottoman

The Rocker and Ottoman set by Kidkraft offers superior quality and comfort in kid size furniture. Add two of these furniture combos to your child’s play space, in either blue, pink or black and you’ll be creating a seating area that will call out to your tired kiddies after a long day. The wooden frame of the rocker and ottoman, plus hardy fabric will allow your child to enjoy this set for years with very little wear and tear. This charming seating will also help enhance the play space decor.

Kid’s Korner Vinyl Upholstered Chaise Lounge

Your child will feel very mature if you give him/her a personal chaise lounge. This is the kid size version of the real thing that you’d see in mom or dad’s den. This comfy kid size seating is covered in a leather-like man made fabric that wipes clean with ease. Below is a drawer to add some extra storage to the play space as well. This is one sturdy and durable seat that your child is sure to want to sit in after hours of heavy playtime or just to hang out with his/her buddies.

Children’s Factory School Age Corner Seating

This kid size seating option is excellent for a large family or that house where all the neighborhood kids frequent. Place this 8 piece seating set in the corner of the playroom to provide the perfect lounging space or reading area. The primary colors will add fun to the room. Each piece is sturdy and light weight so the pieces can be moved wherever they’re needed most. The end pieces double as both seating and table space for holding drinks or books. This fun and comfy set of seats is perfect for children from age 4 to age 10 and even mom or dad can sit there too.

May 31st, 2011

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