Five Questions to Ask Kids When Picking Kids Bedroom Furniture

September 18th, 2012 Kim Proulx

When I was redecorating my daughters’ rooms I definitely had some serious thinking to do before I picked new kids bedroom furniture. Luckily, I asked myself these 5 questions, picked the right kids furniture and both my girls are thrilled with their rooms. Phew…that’s a relief!

What to ask when buying kids bedroom furniture
Go ahead and ask yourself these questions and soon your kids will have rooms they’ll rave about too! They won’t rave because you got the most expensive kids furniture or the most stylish, they’ll be thrilled because you got the right kids bedroom furniture for them! That’s all that matters.

Here are the 5 questions and follow-up questions you can ask to make sure you get the answers you need to create the best kids bedroom possible! Good luck with your kids bedroom design efforts!!!

#1: Does your child like the kids bedroom furniture set?

To make sure you get the full scoop about your kid’s likes ask about these topics. What are your child’s favorite furniture colors? Which style bedroom furniture does your kid appreciate: modern, traditional, funky, eclectic etc… What type of a vibe does your kid want in the room: calming, fun, stylish? That should do it for that question.

#2: Is the furniture you and your child like the right size?

You know your kid’s height and height potential. Find out if he wants lots of sleeping space which would mean a double/full/queen bed would be best, or would your kid rather have more floor space that a twin size bed would provide. Would a big bean bag chair that your child can use forever be a good choice, or would he prefer a kid-size seat to start? Does your kid have tons of clothes and accessories which would mean a greater need for storage, or is he a minimalist and just one dresser will do? Those Q&A will give you an insight into the size of furniture your kid wants/needs!

#3: What activities will your child want to do in the bedroom?

Does your child like the idea of having a private study or reading space? Will he want a private place to listen to his favorite tunes on his ipod or stereo? Will your kid spend a few hours playing video games in the room and need a media center to do that? What’s gonna take place in the room and what furniture do you need to make that happen? Having answers to these questions will ensure you create a kids bedroom that inspires your child to do his most important and favorite activities.

#4: Will your child be hanging out with friends in the room?

Is your kid an introvert or extravert? Will he have just his very best friend over to hang out in the room or have several buds over to chill out after school or the big game? This will show you how many chairs you need to add to the space and if you need a pull out or bunk bed for sleepovers.

#5: How long will your child want to keep the kids bedroom furniture?

Is your child typically wishy-washy and will want a room redesign in a few years, or is he the more stable type that likes things to stay the same? Is your kid into new fads every year or does he keep the same interests most of the time? This can help you decide on price and number of kids bedroom furniture items to buy.

Once you’ve exhausted these 5 questions and written down the answers you’ll have a clear vision of all the key points you need to know to get the right kids bedroom furniture. You’ll know the types of kids furniture your child needs, style and color preferred and price range to spend and then all you’ll need to do is shop!

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