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5 Reasons Why Bean Bag Chairs Are My #1 Pick for Playrooms!

Bean Bag ChairsIf your kids are like mine they can get wild and crazy in the playroom. I know my kids have gotten lots of bumps and bruises when they hit the corner of the ping pong table or bumped into one of the wooden shelves, but when they take those flying leaps onto the bean bag chairs there’s no way they can get hurt…that’s the first reason bean bag chairs are my #1 pick when it comes to kids furniture for playrooms.

Reason #2: Bean Bag Chairs today are so stylish and comfy, much more so than the bean bags of our past. I especially love the ones by Comfort Research because their bean bag chairs come in all kinds of colors, themes and sizes including chairs that fit one person or multiple people.

Reason #3: Bean Bag Chairs are light weight and easy to move. If your kids want more floor space to play twister they can pile the bean bag chairs in the corner then easily move them back when it’s time to chill out after playtime is over.

Reason #4: Comfort Research bean bag chairs are very kid-tough, so kids can jump, roll and dive all over these chairs and they’ll stay looking new and filled with beans. If for some reason the chairs lose their fluffiness, Comfort Research offers bean refills, so it’s easy to refill the chairs if needed.

Reason #5: Bean Bag Chairs can be used anywhere in the house, so if guests come over for movie night you can move those chairs into the familyroom to give everyone a comfy seat.

Basically, there’s absolutely no reason that bean bag chairs wouldn’t be the perfect choice of kids furniture for a playroom! I certainly can’t think of any!

October 30th, 2012

Toddler Beds Make the Crib to Bed Transition Easy for Tots

There’s no scarier sound than a toddler falling out of the crib. I remember when my daughter was around 18 months old and I heard a loud “THUD!” and then a scream and I was instantly gripped with fear for my daughter’s safety. Luckily, she was just scared because she had climbed and fallen out of her crib.

When I realized that her crib was now a danger zone I had to quickly get a transitional bed for her room. I didn’t want to pick a twin bed because that was just too high, so I went with a toddler bed and she LOVED it!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her to go to sleep in her new, big girl bed and she just felt so proud to be able to get in and out on her own. What I love about toddler beds is that they come with safety rails, so she couldn’t roll off during a wild dream.

The only hard part about getting one was picking which design I liked best. I figured I’d feature some of my favorites from different styles below to make that task a little easier for all you moms who have toddlers that are ready for that big kid bed.

Soom Soom Toddler Bed by StorkcraftSleigh Style Toddler Bed – This is the Soom Soom Sleigh Toddler Bed by Storkcraft and I had to put this on my list of faves because the design allows it to fit beautifully into so many types of room decors. This toddler bed has two safety rails that can be removed when your child wants even more open sleep space.

Petra Toddler BedModern Toddler Bed – I love the
White Petra Toddler Bed by Argington. It’s such a modern bed for a toddler and will create a really beautiful, contemporary looking kid’s room. I think any toddler would be over-joyed to have this as a transitional sleep space!

KidKraft Boat Toddler BedTheme Based Toddler Bed – I had to show everyone the Boat Toddler Bed by KidKraft because it’s just so, darn cute! This adds such a sense of fun to a toddler’s room and it is a bed that will be slept on and played on!

Oak Joel Pine Toddler Bed by SorelleToddler Bed with Storage – The Oak Joel Pine Toddler Bed with Drawer is a beautiful transitional bed that also offers extra storage space to a toddler’s room which is a plus in my book!

Natural Toddler Daybed by Dream On MeToddler Day Bed Combo – I love the thought of having a bed like the Natural Toddler Day Bed by Dream on Me in a toddler’s room because when your little guy or girl starts to grow up you can remove the toddler rail and keep using this as a bed for several more years. A daybed also can be used as sitting space by adding several fluffy pillows, so it’s the type of furniture that can move from bedroom to playroom and be used for years.

October 2nd, 2012

10 Storage Tips for Creating a Super Organized Kid’s Bedroom

OMG it seems as if I’m constantly telling my kids to get organized! Then I assess their room to see what else I can add that will keep their stuff off the floor and out of my sight…so I don’t go nuts! After several years of nagging and assessing I came up with some pretty good storage ideas that you’ll find below. Hope these help!

Divide a Bedroom
BookcaseIf your kid’s bedroom is big enough, consider creating small spaces for specific kid activities, so your child will keep things where they belong. For instance, you could put the Single Sided Book Browser by Guide Craft on one side of the room, stock it with great books, add a bean bag chair or soft rug to the floor and voila…your kid will have the perfect reading spot. So, this would make it obvious where books are to be put when he’s done reading for the day and hopefully the space will stay a little neater.

Free Up Floor Space

Newbury Twin Mates BedIf you’re working with a tight space, consider a bed like the Newbury Twin Mates Bed that comes with three deep drawers below that are perfect for storing away lots of kid things. This will give you storage where usually there’s just wasted space.

Go Vertical with Storage

Contemporary Bookcase by SouthShoreTake advantage of your child’s open walls by adding tons of high storage units like the Contemporary Bookcase by SouthShore This bookcase is offered in 3, 4 and 5 shelf versions that you can pair together to create an incredible, vertical storage area against any wall in your kid’s bedroom.

Choose Movable Furniture

Toy Chest on Wheels by BekaIf kids are playing with their toys and the toy chest is too far away, they might just leave the toys on the floor. So consider getting a movable toy chest like the Toy Chest on Wheels by Beka. This way, the toy chest can go wherever your kids do and clean-up time will be much more appealing.

Choose Storage with Bright Colors

Sort It and Store It Bin by KidKraftIf you need tons of storage consider getting some that add a little pizzazz to the room decor like the Sort It and Store It Bin by KidKraft. This storage piece has tons of colorful storage bins that are as great looking as they are functional.

Special Homework Space

SouthShore Imagine Small DeskIf you don’t have a ton of room for a big kid’s desk, consider getting a small one like the SouthShore Imagine Small Desk. It’s true that if a kid has a designated homework spot, homework is more likely to get done!

Add Storage and Seating in Odd Spaces

Bench Toy Box by Little ColoradoLook around your kid’s bedroom and see where there’s open space then find a storage piece that would fit just right. For instance, I’m a huge fan of under-the-window storage and seating, because below windows is typically a wasted space. If you get a piece of kids furniture like the Bench Toy Box by Little Colorado, your child can keep books inside and read them while sitting on top.

Hang Stuff

Clothes Tree by P'kolinoClothes don’t only need to go in drawers. Why not hang your child’s most worn items, like favorite jacket, hats, scarves and more on a storage hanging unit like the Clothes Tree by P’kolino. If you have this in the room your kid’s coat is bound to land on a tree branch instead of the floor.

Get Adjustable Storage Pieces

Storage Cabinet by BabylettoMy favorite type of storage pieces are adjustable units like the Babyletto Storage Cabinet that is a combination of storage drawers, open cubbies and cabinets with doors. This clever Babyletto furniture is sold in singles or together as one unit, but pieces can be arranged in any way they fit best! This lets you get exactly the type of storage your kid’s bedroom needs.

Get Bins for Everywhere

Folding Nursery Baskets by Badger BasketTo get a spot for keeping specific items organized, like white socks and black socks, hair bows and bands etc… get several storage bins like the Folding Nursery Baskets by Badger Basket that can be used in closets, on shelves, under beds or free standing.

September 25th, 2012

Five Questions to Ask Kids When Picking Kids Bedroom Furniture

When I was redecorating my daughters’ rooms I definitely had some serious thinking to do before I picked new kids bedroom furniture. Luckily, I asked myself these 5 questions, picked the right kids furniture and both my girls are thrilled with their rooms. Phew…that’s a relief!

What to ask when buying kids bedroom furniture
Go ahead and ask yourself these questions and soon your kids will have rooms they’ll rave about too! They won’t rave because you got the most expensive kids furniture or the most stylish, they’ll be thrilled because you got the right kids bedroom furniture for them! That’s all that matters.

Here are the 5 questions and follow-up questions you can ask to make sure you get the answers you need to create the best kids bedroom possible! Good luck with your kids bedroom design efforts!!!

#1: Does your child like the kids bedroom furniture set?

To make sure you get the full scoop about your kid’s likes ask about these topics. What are your child’s favorite furniture colors? Which style bedroom furniture does your kid appreciate: modern, traditional, funky, eclectic etc… What type of a vibe does your kid want in the room: calming, fun, stylish? That should do it for that question.

#2: Is the furniture you and your child like the right size?

You know your kid’s height and height potential. Find out if he wants lots of sleeping space which would mean a double/full/queen bed would be best, or would your kid rather have more floor space that a twin size bed would provide. Would a big bean bag chair that your child can use forever be a good choice, or would he prefer a kid-size seat to start? Does your kid have tons of clothes and accessories which would mean a greater need for storage, or is he a minimalist and just one dresser will do? Those Q&A will give you an insight into the size of furniture your kid wants/needs!

#3: What activities will your child want to do in the bedroom?

Does your child like the idea of having a private study or reading space? Will he want a private place to listen to his favorite tunes on his ipod or stereo? Will your kid spend a few hours playing video games in the room and need a media center to do that? What’s gonna take place in the room and what furniture do you need to make that happen? Having answers to these questions will ensure you create a kids bedroom that inspires your child to do his most important and favorite activities.

#4: Will your child be hanging out with friends in the room?

Is your kid an introvert or extravert? Will he have just his very best friend over to hang out in the room or have several buds over to chill out after school or the big game? This will show you how many chairs you need to add to the space and if you need a pull out or bunk bed for sleepovers.

#5: How long will your child want to keep the kids bedroom furniture?

Is your child typically wishy-washy and will want a room redesign in a few years, or is he the more stable type that likes things to stay the same? Is your kid into new fads every year or does he keep the same interests most of the time? This can help you decide on price and number of kids bedroom furniture items to buy.

Once you’ve exhausted these 5 questions and written down the answers you’ll have a clear vision of all the key points you need to know to get the right kids bedroom furniture. You’ll know the types of kids furniture your child needs, style and color preferred and price range to spend and then all you’ll need to do is shop!

September 18th, 2012

The Show Never Ends in a Circus Theme Kids Playroom

Most kids act like circus monkeys anyway, so why not give them their very own circus! All it takes is some fun colored paint and a few whimsical kids furniture items and toys and ta-da…the fun under the big top can begin!

Kids Playroom Circus Theme
I came across this unique circus playroom picture and had to show it to everyone! I just love the way they painted the walls to make the room look like the inside of a circus tent. Then I thought…hmm, if they just added a couple of circus kids furniture pieces and circus related toys this room would be perfect.

So I paired the circus theme playroom with the Stack a Buddies Storage Unit by Levels of Discovery that is full of circus fun! It includes three circus animal boxes that can be stacked on top of each other to create a cool storage unit. Not only will kids have a blast stacking these pieces, but they can keep all their juggling balls and magic tricks hidden inside.

A circus wouldn’t be the same without an audience, so I added the Blue Sky Suede Fuf Bean Bag Chair which would make the perfect seat where mom or friends can sit and enjoy the show. Add more than one to really fill the Big Top!

To really get your little ringmaster excited, I’d recommend filling this Circus Playroom with things like a Angeles Dress Up Cart Island stock full of circus outfits. This cart has a hanging rack and storage bins, plus a mirror, so it’s an all in one circus super star dressing room!
Kids Toys for a Circus Theme Playroom
A circus wouldn’t be the same without clowns and a clown show, so I’d recommend getting the GuideCraft Center Stage Floor Puppet Theater and some clown puppets. With this in the Big Top Playroom your kid is sure to keep you or friends entertained for hours!

The last thing that every circus has to have is a concession stand, so consider adding the Market Store by Anatex, so your child can serve snacks and drinks to everyone before the show!

Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages…be prepared to witness the greatest show on earth if you create a Circus playroom in your home.

September 11th, 2012

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