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Toddler Beds Make the Crib to Bed Transition Easy for Tots

There’s no scarier sound than a toddler falling out of the crib. I remember when my daughter was around 18 months old and I heard a loud “THUD!” and then a scream and I was instantly gripped with fear for my daughter’s safety. Luckily, she was just scared because she had climbed and fallen out of her crib.

When I realized that her crib was now a danger zone I had to quickly get a transitional bed for her room. I didn’t want to pick a twin bed because that was just too high, so I went with a toddler bed and she LOVED it!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her to go to sleep in her new, big girl bed and she just felt so proud to be able to get in and out on her own. What I love about toddler beds is that they come with safety rails, so she couldn’t roll off during a wild dream.

The only hard part about getting one was picking which design I liked best. I figured I’d feature some of my favorites from different styles below to make that task a little easier for all you moms who have toddlers that are ready for that big kid bed.

Soom Soom Toddler Bed by StorkcraftSleigh Style Toddler Bed – This is the Soom Soom Sleigh Toddler Bed by Storkcraft and I had to put this on my list of faves because the design allows it to fit beautifully into so many types of room decors. This toddler bed has two safety rails that can be removed when your child wants even more open sleep space.

Petra Toddler BedModern Toddler Bed – I love the
White Petra Toddler Bed by Argington. It’s such a modern bed for a toddler and will create a really beautiful, contemporary looking kid’s room. I think any toddler would be over-joyed to have this as a transitional sleep space!

KidKraft Boat Toddler BedTheme Based Toddler Bed – I had to show everyone the Boat Toddler Bed by KidKraft because it’s just so, darn cute! This adds such a sense of fun to a toddler’s room and it is a bed that will be slept on and played on!

Oak Joel Pine Toddler Bed by SorelleToddler Bed with Storage – The Oak Joel Pine Toddler Bed with Drawer is a beautiful transitional bed that also offers extra storage space to a toddler’s room which is a plus in my book!

Natural Toddler Daybed by Dream On MeToddler Day Bed Combo – I love the thought of having a bed like the Natural Toddler Day Bed by Dream on Me in a toddler’s room because when your little guy or girl starts to grow up you can remove the toddler rail and keep using this as a bed for several more years. A daybed also can be used as sitting space by adding several fluffy pillows, so it’s the type of furniture that can move from bedroom to playroom and be used for years.

October 2nd, 2012

Military Kids Bedroom or Playroom Theme: In Honor of Armed Forces Day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012 is Armed Forces Day which began on May 20, 1950 as a way to honor our service men and women who are dedicated to keeping our country safe. Armed Forces Day was also started to educate civilians about the armed forces and everything they stand for and the jobs done by our service personnel who protect us from land, sea and air.

We’ve put together a military inspiration board to show how to create an amazing armed forces kids bedroom or playroom theme, so children in military families can feel closer to their dads or moms who are deployed over seas. This is our way of honoring all military personnel and the families who are there to support them every step of the way.

The staff at says “Thank You!” to all of the men and women in our Armed Forces who have dedicated their lives to protect our freedoms and keep our country safe!

armed forces kids bedroom theme

Items on our Inspiration Board include:

1. Camo Teepee
2. Camo Tent and Tunnel Combo
3. Bedroom Set
4. Camo Tent and Tunnel in Green

May 14th, 2012

Comfort Research Beanbag Chairs: Coolest Kids Chairs Ever!

When I was a kid I LOVED my beanbag chair. It was brown, lopsided and my favorite place to sit. Now, as a parent, I’d laugh and say “No!” if one of my kids tried to bring that old beanbag into my house. Luckily for them, today’s beanbag chairs are actually hip and trendy kids chairs and look amazing in a kid’s room or even in one of the main rooms in the home.

If you have vivid memories of your hippy-looking beanbag chair from the 70s and can’t imagine how beanbags could be stylish kids chairs, don’t take my word for it, check out my favorites below. All of the beanbag kids chairs I’ve listed are made by Comfort Research. They offer too many styles and sizes to showcase them all here, so you’ll just have to stop by SimplyKidsFurniture to see every one of their modern and super cool beanbag chairs today.

Sports theme beanbag chairBoys will go crazy over the Comfort Research sports themed beanbag chairs. If your son plays football, basketball or soccer then he’s just going to beg you to get him one of these beanbags and if you do, he’ll love it forever!

animal print beanbag chairsAdd a trendy vibe to any room in your home by getting the Classic Ultimax Beanbag Chair in Zebra. Lots of kids and adults have modern rooms with animal prints these days and this stylish beanbag chair will fit right in. Even the animal in your home will enjoy sitting on it. How ironic is that?!

Comfort Research Fuf Beanbag Chair in EspressoIf you want to create a cozy seat for two then consider getting the Comfort Research Fuf Chair in Espresso Suede or select from a variety of colors. This is a great beanbag seat for a kid’s playroom or TV room to let more than one person enjoy what will soon become the favorite seat in the house.

March 27th, 2012

Kids Size Chairs with Adult Pizzazz

Kids deserve to be comfy too, so why not get your children some kid size furniture that’s stylish enough for any room of your home. Imagine how important little Johnny will feel if he has his own kid size chair next to dad’s big one. There is sure to be some good parent/child bonding going on with that type of set up in your home.

Below you’ll see some very stylish kid size chairs that will look amazing next to an adult lounger, loveseat or couch. If you get one of these chairs, no child will feel like Goldie Locks when trying to find the perfect spot to sit.

I think you’ll be quite impressed with how beautiful these kid size chairs would look in adult spaces. If you don’t find the exact one to match your home below please check out all of our kid size chairs at

Kids Korner Chaise Lounge in black
Above is the Kid’s Korner Vinyl Upholstered Chaise Lounge in Black. Can’t you just picture how beautiful this kid size chair would be in a room with other black furniture or black accessories. This kids size chaise lounge comes with easy-to-clean vinyl fabric covering a sturdy and durable wooden frame. It has a built-in drawer, so kids can keep favorite books or drawing supplies hidden until needed. This chair’s leather-like fabric will look amazing anywhere in your home and it’s a chair your child can enjoy for years and years.

PKolino Little Reader Chair in Green
The P’kolino Little Reader in Green is a great kid size chair that will look incredible in any room where there are other green furnishings or accessories. This is one stylish chair for kids that is so light weight a child can pull it around the room to his favorite spot. This is a sturdy chair with an anti-tip design and it is made of high density foam for added comfort. Place this kids chair in an adult space and your child will be so excited!

Kid Kraft Laguna kids chair in navy
Last is the KidKraft Laguna Chair in Navy. This chair is so hip looking you’ll wish you had one in adult size. It comes in a dark navy fabric with white piping that gives it a unique look. This chair’s solid wood frame and robust materials guarantee that it will last for years of heavy use. Place this kids chair in any adult space and your child will feel extra special.

February 22nd, 2012

Kids Can Really Relax on the KidKraft Lounger

Kids need a break after a hard day of play and there’s no place better for a child to chill out than on a KidKraft Lounger. We have the KidKraft Lil’ Lounger in Blueberry Chenille and the KidKraft Lil’ Lounger in Pink Chenille, so there’s one for boys and girls.
KidKraft Lil' Lounger in Pink and Blueberry
The benefits of these loungers is that they’re kid-size, plus they go from couch shape to a pull out bed that’s great for when friend’s sleep over. The fluffy fabric makes this lounger extra cozy and the fun colors will add spunk to the space. Add these loungers to your child’s playroom and he/she is sure to spend more time in there hanging out.

Check out more of our kid-size furniture today at

October 18th, 2011

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