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5 Reasons Why Bean Bag Chairs Are My #1 Pick for Playrooms!

Bean Bag ChairsIf your kids are like mine they can get wild and crazy in the playroom. I know my kids have gotten lots of bumps and bruises when they hit the corner of the ping pong table or bumped into one of the wooden shelves, but when they take those flying leaps onto the bean bag chairs there’s no way they can get hurt…that’s the first reason bean bag chairs are my #1 pick when it comes to kids furniture for playrooms.

Reason #2: Bean Bag Chairs today are so stylish and comfy, much more so than the bean bags of our past. I especially love the ones by Comfort Research because their bean bag chairs come in all kinds of colors, themes and sizes including chairs that fit one person or multiple people.

Reason #3: Bean Bag Chairs are light weight and easy to move. If your kids want more floor space to play twister they can pile the bean bag chairs in the corner then easily move them back when it’s time to chill out after playtime is over.

Reason #4: Comfort Research bean bag chairs are very kid-tough, so kids can jump, roll and dive all over these chairs and they’ll stay looking new and filled with beans. If for some reason the chairs lose their fluffiness, Comfort Research offers bean refills, so it’s easy to refill the chairs if needed.

Reason #5: Bean Bag Chairs can be used anywhere in the house, so if guests come over for movie night you can move those chairs into the familyroom to give everyone a comfy seat.

Basically, there’s absolutely no reason that bean bag chairs wouldn’t be the perfect choice of kids furniture for a playroom! I certainly can’t think of any!

October 30th, 2012

The Show Never Ends in a Circus Theme Kids Playroom

Most kids act like circus monkeys anyway, so why not give them their very own circus! All it takes is some fun colored paint and a few whimsical kids furniture items and toys and ta-da…the fun under the big top can begin!

Kids Playroom Circus Theme
I came across this unique circus playroom picture and had to show it to everyone! I just love the way they painted the walls to make the room look like the inside of a circus tent. Then I thought…hmm, if they just added a couple of circus kids furniture pieces and circus related toys this room would be perfect.

So I paired the circus theme playroom with the Stack a Buddies Storage Unit by Levels of Discovery that is full of circus fun! It includes three circus animal boxes that can be stacked on top of each other to create a cool storage unit. Not only will kids have a blast stacking these pieces, but they can keep all their juggling balls and magic tricks hidden inside.

A circus wouldn’t be the same without an audience, so I added the Blue Sky Suede Fuf Bean Bag Chair which would make the perfect seat where mom or friends can sit and enjoy the show. Add more than one to really fill the Big Top!

To really get your little ringmaster excited, I’d recommend filling this Circus Playroom with things like a Angeles Dress Up Cart Island stock full of circus outfits. This cart has a hanging rack and storage bins, plus a mirror, so it’s an all in one circus super star dressing room!
Kids Toys for a Circus Theme Playroom
A circus wouldn’t be the same without clowns and a clown show, so I’d recommend getting the GuideCraft Center Stage Floor Puppet Theater and some clown puppets. With this in the Big Top Playroom your kid is sure to keep you or friends entertained for hours!

The last thing that every circus has to have is a concession stand, so consider adding the Market Store by Anatex, so your child can serve snacks and drinks to everyone before the show!

Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages…be prepared to witness the greatest show on earth if you create a Circus playroom in your home.

September 11th, 2012

Kids with a Party House Have More Fun!

Some parents don’t think it’s up to them to show their kids how to have a good time, but I do! If we don’t show kids how to have fun they can end up slouching around the house all day saying “I’m BORED!”
Kids Furniture for Fun Playrooms
Kids learn by example, so why not set-up a party room in your home that’s designed with lots of fun things that are sure to keep kids entertained and happy! It’s really not that hard. And as you set it up you can reminisce with your kids about all the fun you used to have, so they know how to have fun too!

Simply think about what you liked to do as a kid. For me it was dancing and singing, CONSTANTLY, so to encourage my kids to do the same I created a play room that includes a microphone, stereo and karaoke machine. I even got a 70s disco ball that they turn on often! Now my one daughter thinks she’s a super star diva and when her girlfriends come over it’s definitely party time!

My other daughter can’t even sing Happy Birthday, but she’s crazy about games, so for her I set-up a shelving unit stocked with all my old favorites like checkers, chess, monopoly, decks of cards and some of the latest kids games too! So her parties consist of game time and chatting about boys.

In the center I’ve included a huge wooden kids table that has become the “everything table” like the Nest Play Table by Offi. This is where my kids can sit and socialize with their friends, have snacks, do arts and crafts or anything else fun they need a table for. Instead of regular chairs, I put ottomans with built in storage that are comfy to sit on and can also hold kid party things like CDs, video games, dress-up clothes and more. The ottomans I got are exactly like the Play Ottomans by P’kolino. These comfy and functional ottomans are offered in tons of fun colors to easily match any play space.

We of course also included a TV and kids couch, so they can chill during their more relaxed party moments. If you can’t fit a couch, I’d recommend getting some Comfort Research bean bag chairs that can be moved around anywhere to create a great chilling out space.

If you have even more room you might want to throw in a full media center that can hold all of your media equipment like TV, stereo, game console and more and your kids will NEVER be bored again!

August 10th, 2012

Magical Fairy and Princess Playroom Themes for Girls

Who doesn’t want a little magic in their life? I know I do! It’s easy to create a magical, fairy tale playroom for your daughter when you choose a fairy or princess theme. With the help of Delta Fairy or Princess Themed Kids Furniture and Kid Kraft Tables and Chairs your dream playroom design can come true. Check out our Delta and KidKraft design board below to see how you can satisfy your daughter’s need for comfort, storage and play space in the most darling fairytale themes!
Fairy Playroom Princess Playroom

If you like what you see in our design board then learn more about each item by clicking on the item name below.

Fair Theme Playroom

1. Disney Multi Fairies Deluxe Sofa Rocker by Delta
2. Delta Disney Fairies 3 Tier Toy Organizer with Rollout Toybox
3. KidKraft Kids Table with Benches in Pastel

Princess Theme Playroom

1. Disney Princess Pink Flower Sofa by Delta
2. Delta Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box in Pretty Pink
3. KidKraft Nantucket Table with Bench and Two Chairs in White

June 25th, 2012

Kids Furniture that Maximizes Space in Small Playrooms

Don’t’ be bummed out because your kid’s playroom is small. Make the most of that little room by choosing kids furniture that adds lots of comfort and fun to a space without creating a cramped environment. Lucky for you we have several items that will make your tiny playroom tremendously fun and organized! See some of our favorites below.

Kids Desk

Lea Nickelodeon Teen Nick Computer DeskThere’s no doubt you will love the modern vibe and convenience that the Lea Nickelodeon Teen Nick Turntable Computer Desk will add to your child’s small playroom. There are so many reasons that this kids desk is the perfect choice for a small space. For one, the desk itself is smaller in size and is on casters, so it can be moved out of the way when not in use. It comes with a handy file cabinet that doesn’t take up much room, but offers your child enough space to keep supplies organized. This kids desk will become your kid’s favorite spot for doing homework, crafts, studying, surfing the web and tons more kid activities.

Bookcase for Storing Favorite Books

Guidecraft Corner BookcaseYou will love the unique design of the Guidecraft Corner Book Nook. It’s perfect for small playrooms because it fits into a corner where you don’t usually put anything anyway. For a corner bookshelf it offers tons of room with the three outward-facing sections and six other sections with four adjustable shelves. Talk about maximizing your space!

Toy Boxes to Keep Things in Order

Little Colorado Toy Organizer with CastersIn a small space, cluttered toys can soon become a huge problem, but not if you get the Little Colorado Toy Organizer with Casters in Natural Lacquer. This top quality toy shelf comes with eight individual containers that will keep toys organized, plus an open shelf up top for toys your kids use most. This toy shelf is on casters, so it can be moved around the room when you need to rearrange the space for different types of play. Your kids are sure to clean up their messes with this handy toy storage shelf in the space.

Kids Rugs for a Comfy Place to Sit

Fun Rugs Letters And Names RugKids don’t care where they sit, so instead of filling up the small space with bulky hairs, simply add the Fun Rugs Letters & Names Rug 39″ x 58″. This large rug is quite comfy, made of 100% nylon and big enough for a few kids to sit on and play together. It’s also water repellant and can be spot cleaned with ease, so it’s perfect for the playroom where kids tend to get a little wild and dirty. Also an educational tool, this rug introduces kids to letters, numbers and words. This rug is so inviting your kid might even take naps on it.

Stop by today at SimplyKidsFurniture to check out all of our kids furniture because we offer many more options for small playrooms besides the ones mentioned above.

February 9th, 2012

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