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How to Find the Right Kids Chairs for the Right Kid Moments

Kids can’t chill out if they don’t have somewhere to sit and relax. It’s up to parents to find the right kids chairs for the job! Believe it or not this takes careful planning because you have to first know your kid’s schedule and habits.
kids chairs
I know my girls LOVE to play the Wii, yet I really don’t want them doing it for more than an hour or so per day, so instead of giving them gaming chairs I let them pull out some very uncomfortable folding chairs, so after about an hour their behinds are a little sore and their desire to play Wii is over.

On the other hand if you, personally, are into playing the Wii and that’s how you spend family time with your kids then I’d recommend getting a few cozy seats like the Blue MOD Lounger by Offi, so you can spend some quality family time together and stay comfy the entire time. These seats also look really unique in a space and will spruce up any room decor!

Now, since my home is made up of mostly girls (besides my hubby) then you know there’s a lot of talking going on. Since we’re a gabby family I’ve set-up a comfy seating area in our playroom where me and the girls can go and hang out for a while. The perfect chairs for this type of space are the Comfort Research Bean Bag Chairs. I’d recommend getting a two-seater for mom and dad to share and then one single-seater for each child and you’ll be amazed at how much more quality time your family will spend together when there’s a place designed just for that.

Another very important kid seat is the homework chair. If kids don’t have a study space their school work just doesn’t get done, or done well. That’s where a comfy desk chair comes into play, or if you don’t have an actual desk why not get a chair like the Rock-a-Buddies Schoolhouse Rocker that comes with an attached pencil box, plus Flip up Hinged Desk, Abacus and even a music box that plays the ABC song. It’s also a fun rocker, so when homework time is over your child is sure to stick around and rock a while to relax after a long day.

My girls love to read, but it took me several trips to the library to finally find some books that interested them. They also struggled with figuring out a good place for quiet reading time until I added a reading seat to their bedrooms. The perfect type of reading seat is one like the Rock-a-My-Baby Bench Seat with Storage. You can put this seat against the wall or under a window and it’s comfy up top and has plenty of storage for books below.

Companies like Levels of Discovery, Comfort Research and Offi, plus many others have amazing kids chairs to satisfy every kid need. To see more visit us today at

August 14th, 2012

Kids with a Party House Have More Fun!

Some parents don’t think it’s up to them to show their kids how to have a good time, but I do! If we don’t show kids how to have fun they can end up slouching around the house all day saying “I’m BORED!”
Kids Furniture for Fun Playrooms
Kids learn by example, so why not set-up a party room in your home that’s designed with lots of fun things that are sure to keep kids entertained and happy! It’s really not that hard. And as you set it up you can reminisce with your kids about all the fun you used to have, so they know how to have fun too!

Simply think about what you liked to do as a kid. For me it was dancing and singing, CONSTANTLY, so to encourage my kids to do the same I created a play room that includes a microphone, stereo and karaoke machine. I even got a 70s disco ball that they turn on often! Now my one daughter thinks she’s a super star diva and when her girlfriends come over it’s definitely party time!

My other daughter can’t even sing Happy Birthday, but she’s crazy about games, so for her I set-up a shelving unit stocked with all my old favorites like checkers, chess, monopoly, decks of cards and some of the latest kids games too! So her parties consist of game time and chatting about boys.

In the center I’ve included a huge wooden kids table that has become the “everything table” like the Nest Play Table by Offi. This is where my kids can sit and socialize with their friends, have snacks, do arts and crafts or anything else fun they need a table for. Instead of regular chairs, I put ottomans with built in storage that are comfy to sit on and can also hold kid party things like CDs, video games, dress-up clothes and more. The ottomans I got are exactly like the Play Ottomans by P’kolino. These comfy and functional ottomans are offered in tons of fun colors to easily match any play space.

We of course also included a TV and kids couch, so they can chill during their more relaxed party moments. If you can’t fit a couch, I’d recommend getting some Comfort Research bean bag chairs that can be moved around anywhere to create a great chilling out space.

If you have even more room you might want to throw in a full media center that can hold all of your media equipment like TV, stereo, game console and more and your kids will NEVER be bored again!

August 10th, 2012

Magical Fairy and Princess Playroom Themes for Girls

Who doesn’t want a little magic in their life? I know I do! It’s easy to create a magical, fairy tale playroom for your daughter when you choose a fairy or princess theme. With the help of Delta Fairy or Princess Themed Kids Furniture and Kid Kraft Tables and Chairs your dream playroom design can come true. Check out our Delta and KidKraft design board below to see how you can satisfy your daughter’s need for comfort, storage and play space in the most darling fairytale themes!
Fairy Playroom Princess Playroom

If you like what you see in our design board then learn more about each item by clicking on the item name below.

Fair Theme Playroom

1. Disney Multi Fairies Deluxe Sofa Rocker by Delta
2. Delta Disney Fairies 3 Tier Toy Organizer with Rollout Toybox
3. KidKraft Kids Table with Benches in Pastel

Princess Theme Playroom

1. Disney Princess Pink Flower Sofa by Delta
2. Delta Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box in Pretty Pink
3. KidKraft Nantucket Table with Bench and Two Chairs in White

June 25th, 2012

Give Your Husband a Father’s Day Man Cave He’ll Cherish

Make this Father’s Day extra special by setting up the perfect Man Cave for your husband. This man cave is also a kid cave, where a father and child can have tons of fun hanging out. It has the perfect combination of comfort, entertainment and hip style that any father and child will love! This man cave will encourage lots of dad/kid bonding that will be remembered throughout the years and cherished always.

I have so many fond memories of hanging with my dad as a child. I recall the first time I saw tears in my dad’s eyes during a sad movie…us girls were all crying too. I remember my father telling me tons of jokes that made me laugh for hours. I cherish all the good advice my dad has given me throughout the years like, “Worry is a waste of an emotion!” I still have that competitive edge that my dad instilled in me when we played games and he never LET me win…he made me work for it! I smile often when I think of all the fun times I’ve had with my dad and all the fun times we’ll still have in the future.

Happy Father’s Day Pop and Happy Father’s Day to all you other dads out there. May you have as much fun in your man cave with your kids as my dad and I have had throughout the years!
Father's Day Gifts

If you like what you see in this man cave and want to see more visit us at or check out individual man cave items by clicking on the name of the product below.

Items 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 are from the Glenna Jean Cassidy and Banjo Collection.

2. South Shore Skyline Collection Media Center

3. Comfort Research The Classic Ultimax Bean Bag in Black Onyx Suede

5. Comfort Research Big Joe

June 12th, 2012

Here Comes the Sun Baby and Kids Design Board

Summer is here and in many areas it’s already reaching hot, hot temperatures. It’s at this time of year you see tons of families outside having fun, but there’s a risk. With sunny days there’s a chance to get sun burns, so it’s important to take precautions to keep your kids’ skin protected. We have just the right baby and kid products to keep kids in the shade on those sunny days. Below you’ll see our Summer Inspiration Board that combines everything needed to keep kids protected from the sun’s UV rays when on family walks, playing in the yard, heading to the beach and more. To see all of our baby and kid items please visit us at
strollers, canopy, tents for kids

If you like any of the items on our inspiration board you can learn more about those products by clicking on the name of that product below.

* Ultimate Family Wagon
* Parasol
* Carry Cot
* Outdoor Table and Stacking Chairs
* Treehouse Trampoline Tent

May 23rd, 2012

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