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Do’s for Successful Tween Bedroom Design

SouthShore 4 Piece Kids Bedroom SetBelieve me, there’s definitely a right and wrong when it comes to Tween bedroom design. A tween is a child that is in be-TWEEN adolescent and teenage years, so around the age of 10, 11 and 12. At this age kids are quite particular about what is added or taken out of their bedroom, so when you redecorate their space make sure to keep that in mind.

Here are some other things to remember to make your Tween bedroom decorating experience a good one for both you and your in be-TWEEN child.

Tween Bedroom Decorating Dos

1. Always consult your child before making any decorating decisions. Make a check list of your maturing tween’s likes such as: favorite color combos, favorite images and pattern types, storage needs, current hobbies, things your tween wants to do in the room like listen to music, hang with friends etc…, plus list trends that he/she is into and anything else that your child wants to add to the list.

2. Decide which kids furniture or items your tween wants to keep and which ones he/she can live without, then get rid of the unwanted items to make room for the new.

3. Choose a color combo first…does your tween love green and purple, blue and red, black and silver? Once you get your color palette things get easier.

4. Make a “to scale” drawing of your kids bedroom and include sketches of all the kids furniture and other items that are in the space. Compare what’s there to what else is needed and figure out the measurements of open space you have for new items including floor, wall, closet and under the bed space.

5. List all your storage needs and possible storage solutions for things like books, clothes, craft supplies, shoes and more…with solutions such as a bookshelf, dresser, under-bed storage bins, display shelf, hamper, trash can etc…

6. Draw storage items that are needed onto your room drawing to see where they will fit best and write down dimensions that will work in that space.

7. Decide on additional furnishings that can add some fun to the space, like bean bag chairs for a friend hang-out, desk for crafts or homework time, plush chair for reading etc… Add those items to the drawing in scale.

8. Last is figuring out lighting. Does your child like to read in bed? Need light for doing arts and crafts? Need a bright light for chilling out time with pals? Draw the lights on your room drawing as well to see where they’ll fit best.

9. Now that you have the room drawing that includes furniture and accessories and their dimensions, plus color and theme it’s time to get everything you need to set-up that super cool Tween bedroom.

We can help with step 9 since we offer top brand kids furniture and accessories in all styles and colors. Visit us today at and browse through our huge selection of hip and long lasting kids furniture to get what’s best for your Tween’s space.

December 28th, 2011

Creating a Fabulous Kids Arts and Crafts Space in a Small Room

Don’t have much space to work with, but want your kids to have the ideal arts and craft area? No problem. There are some simple solutions that will allow you to create an amazing arts and crafts area in a very small room. Below you’ll discover some unique art centers that hang on walls, sit on table tops or hang over doors, so you can make the best of a very small space.

Alex Toys My Table Top Easel

Alex Toys My Table Top EaselIf you have a desk or small table in your playroom this easel can sit right on top. Better yet, it allows two children to play together because it’s a double-sided easel with a chalkboard on one side and dryerase board on the other. It also comes with a paper roll and cutter and 4 non-spill paint cups and 4 paint brushes, plus another storage tray. It offers lots of creative possibilities for the little budding artist.

Alex Toys Wall Easel

Alex Toys Wall EaselThis wall easel is an even better space saver that can hang on any wall in the playroom. It has a precious, colorful screen-printed design on the border that adds whimsy to the room, plus a blue chalkboard center. It also comes with a paper roll up top, plus paper cutter and three cup holders for paint brushes and paints or chalk. This cute art station allows your child to dabble in lots of art mediums all within a very small space.

Hanging Easel with Art Supply Tray by Beka

Hanging Easel with Supply Tray by BekaThis unique easel can be hung on a wall, over a door or on shelves to create a fun art area without taking up any extra floor space. It comes with a large dry erase surface above a supply tray, so your child can keep markers close at hand. This easel is sure to inspire your child to draw lots of amazing masterpieces.

November 22nd, 2011

Use Lamps as Bedroom and Playroom Decor

Who says your source of light in a room has to be boring? The lamp in your child’s room or playroom can be just as fun as any other item in the room! From cool lamp bases to fun lamp shades and all kinds of unique hanging and floor lamps, the possibilities for kids lighting are truly endless. Here are some of our favorites:

Room Magic Tropical Seas LampCool Lamp Base: The Room Magic Tropical Seas Lamp is cool, colorful and refreshing — sure to brighten up the room in more ways than one!

The Lite Source Polished Steel BullsEye Far Out Table LampFun Lamp Shade: The Lite Source Polished Steel BullsEye Far Out Table Lamp is a fun and funky lamp that will add flavor to your child’s room.

Lite Source Melanthe 3 Chandelier in Antique CrystalUnique Hanging Lamps: Your daughter’s room deserves a touch of class, elegance and girly fun with the Lite Source Melanthe 3 Chandelier in Antique Crystal.

Lite Source Polina 3 Lite Floor Lamp in Polished SteelUnique Floor Lamp: Place this ultra modern
Lite Source Polina 3 Lite Floor Lamp in Polished Steel
in your daughter or son’s room to light up his or her life!

Create intrigue and interest around every corner in your child’s room by choosing a fun light source to brighten the day!

July 19th, 2011

Cheap Ways to Create a Sports Bedroom Theme for Boys

Your little slugger can have that sports theme bedroom he’s always dreamed of without you having to break the bank. Here are some simple suggestions for creating a fun and athletic looking space for your little sports fan.

Use your son’s personal sports equipment like; hats, mitts, bats, jerseys and hang them all over the room on various types of hooks. You can purchase different size hooks at any hardware store. Get bigger ones for the heavier items and smaller hooks for the light weight things like baseball caps and gloves. Be strategic about your equipment placement because remember… you’re not just hanging sports items to keep them organized, you’re creating an entire bedroom decor in a cool sports theme, and saving money by simply using things you already have.

Spruce up the bed’s headboard by getting a cheap sports theme poster or even printing a sports picture off the Internet. If you have an old frame laying around the house you could frame the picture to make it look even more impressive.

If you have a little room in your budget you can also get some fun accessories that represent you son’s favorite sports team. For example, if your little dude likes the NY Yankees, you could purchase a NY Yankees Table Lamp and NY Yankees Toy Chest, to add even more spunk to the space. Since every child’s room needs lighting and storage space for toys, why not get items that show off your son’s favorite team.

Create a Sports Bedroom Theme

Remember, creating a cool, hip bedroom for your child doesn’t have to be expensive if you think out of the box and decorate with items you already own. Being creative can save you a lot of cash while also helping you to create a one-of-a-kind room for your child!

April 27th, 2011

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