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Spark Kentucky Derby Fever in Your Kids from Birth!

Are you a huge Kentucky Derby fan who wants to share that love with your kids? Do you plan to get decked out in your best Kentucky Derby garb on the big day, so you can cheer on your favorite horse in style? If so, don’t stop there! Why not create a super cool Kentucky Derby nursery, so your baby can join in the fun.
Kentucky Derby Nursery Theme
We’ve put together the race horse inspired Nursery Theme board above, so you can see everything you can get to bring the excitement of the Kentucky Derby into your home! If your child likes one of this year’s horses like Alpha, Creative Cause, Gemologist, Liaison, Optimizer or Prospective (I liked those names best) then let her pick her favorite and tape the name onto one of her horses. Teach her how to clap and cheer during a race and soon your child will be begging to wear her own special hat and outfit.

This horse themed nursery is also great for families who just love horses! So whether you’re going to the big race or just a horse fan, this is a nursery theme that you and your baby will love!

To see every horse themed nursery accessory and kids bedroom item we have visit us at today. You can also learn more about each item on the inspiration board by clicking on the name below.

Rocking Horse Round Crib
Horse Armoire
Rocking Horse
Fold & Go Stable
Print Framed
Horse Carrier

May 2nd, 2012

Lite Source Viko Table Lamp Inspires Several Unique Kids Bedroom Designs

You’re about to learn a simple trick to create a gorgeous kids bedroom decor! The first step is to find a table lamp that excites you. Next, use the lamp’s charming design and color to spark ideas for the rest of the space.

Light Source Viko Green Table LampI chose the Viko Table Lamp because of its modern design and fun, vibrant color options. This table lamp is available in red, blue, green and orange. Below you’ll see a few inspiration boards I created using the blue and orange Viko Table Lamp to show how these lamps can inspire the creation of an entire room theme.

To create your own inspiration board, simply go to our online store at and search through our beautiful selection of kids bedroom lighting solutions till you find one that catches your eye. Copy and paste that picture into any image program then look for other kids furniture that matches and do the same then voila…your inspiration board will be complete!

Below each inspiration board I’ve listed the names of each item, so if you see something you like you can go check it out immediately! I hope these kids bedroom design inspiration boards inspire you to get creative and mix and match some cool kids furniture and accessories to give your child a one-of-a-kind bedroom!

Light Source Viko Table Lamp in Orange
Lite Source Viko Orange Table Lamp
Fun Rugs Smiles & Laughs Rug
Canwood Alpine II Twin Bed in White
Lea Nickelodeon Tween Nick Mobile Laptop Desk in White and Orange
P’Kolino Little Reader Chair in Orange

Light Source Viko Table Lamp in Blue

Light Source Viko Blue Table Lamp
Fun Rugs Blooming Pink Rug
SouthShore Step One Twin Mates Bed in Maple
Atlantic Furniture Windsor Desk with Drawer in Maple
Kids Korner Upholstered Rocking Chair with Ottoman in Pink

March 8th, 2012

50 Modern Kids Bedroom Designs

Parents who want to design a very modern kids bedroom have to check out this video. It features 50 of the best modern kids bedroom designs from 2011. When watching this video, if you see a room you like, click the pause button and take some notes. Then you can visit our site and check out all of the modern kids furniture that we offer to see what will work best with your bedroom design plans.

Some of the more modern kids furniture brands today are Powell Furniture, SouthShore, Offi, Oeuf, Coaster and Argington. There are also many other kids furniture brands that have a mix of modern and classic collections. To view them all visit our kids furniture brands page today!

There’s no doubt that after watching this video you’ll have tons of ideas how to make your kid’s bedroom the most modern space in your home!

February 3rd, 2012

Tips on Transforming a Kid’s Room to a Teen Space

When kids turn thir-TEEN strange and crazy things start to happen. They instantly develop new opinions on just about everything including kids bedroom design. Most teens crave a change at that point and expect mom and dad to foot the bill.

If you’re reading this you’ve been forewarned and can prepare, early on, for your teen’s demand for a new and improved space, so that when the time comes you don’t have to shell out too much of the green stuff.

Famous interior designer Kyle Schuneman shares some really clever design tips on how to transform a kids bedroom into a teen’s room by using the same kids furniture in a new way. After you watch the following clip make sure to read below to check out some of our extra tips on setting up a kid’s bedroom that your child can enjoy till adulthood.

Kyle started off by showing how to use storage cubbies for keeping baby books and toys in order then transforming the cubbies into a base for a kids desk. I thought that was pretty brilliant. Here’s my spin on that same idea using some of the kids furniture we offer.

Badger Basket Two Bin Storage Cubby
You could get several Badger Basket Two Bin Storage Cubbies in your choice of blue, red or espresso and stack then as high as you want to offer your child lots of storage options. Then when your youngster reaches the teens, take those same cubbies, stack them two or three high then create that same type of kids desk that Kyle suggested by getting a shelf from a local hardware store and painting it a matching or coordinating color and laying it across the top of the stacked cubbies.

The next super cool idea that Kyle suggested was to take a locker and turn it into a nightstand. Considering that lockers may not be everyone’s “thing” I’d recommend getting the DaVinci 6 Piece Complete Storage Cabinet in Espresso that can offer the same versatility and storage, but is sure to look great in any space. This six piece unit comes with individual storage pieces including a base unit, two door hutch and open hutch to offer hidden and open storage spaces. Each piece can be stacked to create any type of storage area your child needs. They can also be separated, using two bases on top of each other to create a handy nightstand for your teen’s bedside. The additional cubbies can be added to a dresser top or hung on a wall.
DaVinci Six Piece Toy Cubby Storage Cabinet

The thought of using a toy box as a shoe box was a great idea, but I took it one step further. Why not get the KidKraft Wood Toy Box Chest in either White, Black or Honey and use it to store toys during your child’s toddler years then shoes or books later on, plus use it as a bench through your kid’s teen years. You could even add a plush cushion up top for extra comfort and put it at the end of the bed or under a window to offer your teen a great reading seat.
KidKraft Wood Toy Box Chest

January 10th, 2012

How to Help Your Kids Get Organized

Kids organizationThe fact is…where there are kids there is clutter. The best parents can do is learn some handy techniques to make the piles smaller and the kids more accountable for where they put their stuff. This may sound like an easy task, but because of today’s busy lifestyles it can be harder than you think.

Below are a few easy things you can do to make your home “almost” clutter free. Cause as you know with kids, nothing is foolproof and works 100% of the time! Fortunately, by doing some of these things your stress level will go down making it easier to deal with the occasional mess that pops up. And your kids will learn the importance of keeping things organized!

Step One: The Warning

Set a time each night where you remind your kids to pick up their stuff. Tell them they have one hour to get all of their things out of the main part of the house and back where they belong. Set a timer.

Step Two: The Inspection

After the hour is up, put on your inspector’s cap and walk around the house. If you see a “kid thing” that’s out of place give your child one last reminder to put it away.

Step Three: Take Action

If misplaced “kid stuff” is still visible, pick it up and toss it in the bedroom of whichever child is responsible for the item. The first time around, there may be a large pile, but each night the things you need to pick up will be less and less. Good thing about taking action is that it gets the clutter out of the main part of the house, relieving your stress and eliminating the tedious part of you having to figure out where it all goes. This puts the responsibility back on your child.

Step Four: Bedroom Rules

Inform your kids that they are responsible for cleaning their rooms and that if they want to do anything fun with friends or family after school their room must be clean. Then when your child asks to go to a friend’s house or go fishing with dad…ask your child if he/she has completed the required room cleaning task. If the answer is “no”, they can clean it fast and go, if the answer is “yes”, they can go have fun right away. If that doesn’t work then decide on a weekly clean-up day where your child must clean his/her bedroom. When cleaning is involved, sometimes allowing your child to decide what suits him/her best really helps, so the final bedroom rules are up to you and your child!

Getting the right kids storage furniture for the bedroom or playroom will also help your child stay more organized. To see some very functional, stylish and well built kids storage furniture visit us today at SimplyKidsFurniture.

January 3rd, 2012

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