Five Most Important Tips for Buying Kids Furniture

June 7th, 2011 Kim Proulx

When setting up your child’s space it’s very important that you create a room that your child will like. This being said, the easiest way to do that is to include your child in the furniture selection process. I wouldn’t recommend sitting down with your little guy or girl and browsing the internet for hours looking at tons of choices. Instead, pick out some kids furniture brands that you really like and show your child about 5 options to choose from.

A Few Favorite Kids Bedroom Sets: SouthShore Willow Collection, Canwood Alpine II Collection and Powell Z Bedroom Collection.

#1 Include Your Child: So the first tip is to include your child in the shopping experience. Show your daughter or son some kids furniture options and see which set he/she likes best. Consider sets that your child can grow with likes ones with neutral colors and high quality pieces.

#2 Do Some Research: Make sure you look around at several kids furniture brands and choices before selecting the top 5 sets. Check out best seller lists and read some online reviews about various furniture brands to see which brands are built kid-tough.

#3 Think Practical and Economical: Kids will undoubtedly do their best to run their bedroom furniture set into the ground by jumping on the bed, slamming drawers, banging into dressers and leaving water filled glasses on nightstands. If you go with a furniture set that’s built of solid wood or wood pieces and has a hardy, protective stain and solid construction then your child’s furniture will stand the test of time through all the active years.

#4. Measure the Space and Assess Your Child’s Needs: Before making the purchase, measure the room and decide where you want to put the furniture. Then think about all your child’s stuff and how many drawers it will take to keep things organized. Write it all down and then go online and start looking for a kids bedroom set that will fit the space and satisfy your child’s storage needs. When you find some sets that meet your requirements, consider doing a diagram or laying tape out in the room where you’ll put each piece to see if it will fit the space just right.

#5. Safety, Safety, Safety: The last and most important tip is to make sure that the kids furniture set you’re getting is safe for your child. Here are some safety features to look for in furniture. Check to see if edges are rounded and hardware is hidden, so your child can’t get scratched and his/her clothes won’t get snagged on nails or screws. Only choose furniture that has non-toxic finish. Drawers with metal guides and safety stops will ensure that your child can get to his/her things easily and drawers won’t pull out of place. Check to see if dressers come with anti-tip kids, so they can be secured to the walls to keep your wild child from pulling a dresser over.

Once you’ve covered the bases and found a furniture set by a trusted brand that’s well built, fits the space and comes with top rate safety features then it’s time to set-up your child’s bedroom. If you do it just right, choose accessories like bedding, art, decorations that suit your child’s current likes that can be easily swapped out through the years to meet his/her personal tastes through every phase of life. That way you won’t ever need to get new furniture, just new accessories to save you money and satisfy your child’s needs for a space that showcases his/her personality at all times.

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