How to Help Your Kids Get Organized

January 3rd, 2012 Kim Proulx

Kids organizationThe fact is…where there are kids there is clutter. The best parents can do is learn some handy techniques to make the piles smaller and the kids more accountable for where they put their stuff. This may sound like an easy task, but because of today’s busy lifestyles it can be harder than you think.

Below are a few easy things you can do to make your home “almost” clutter free. Cause as you know with kids, nothing is foolproof and works 100% of the time! Fortunately, by doing some of these things your stress level will go down making it easier to deal with the occasional mess that pops up. And your kids will learn the importance of keeping things organized!

Step One: The Warning

Set a time each night where you remind your kids to pick up their stuff. Tell them they have one hour to get all of their things out of the main part of the house and back where they belong. Set a timer.

Step Two: The Inspection

After the hour is up, put on your inspector’s cap and walk around the house. If you see a “kid thing” that’s out of place give your child one last reminder to put it away.

Step Three: Take Action

If misplaced “kid stuff” is still visible, pick it up and toss it in the bedroom of whichever child is responsible for the item. The first time around, there may be a large pile, but each night the things you need to pick up will be less and less. Good thing about taking action is that it gets the clutter out of the main part of the house, relieving your stress and eliminating the tedious part of you having to figure out where it all goes. This puts the responsibility back on your child.

Step Four: Bedroom Rules

Inform your kids that they are responsible for cleaning their rooms and that if they want to do anything fun with friends or family after school their room must be clean. Then when your child asks to go to a friend’s house or go fishing with dad…ask your child if he/she has completed the required room cleaning task. If the answer is “no”, they can clean it fast and go, if the answer is “yes”, they can go have fun right away. If that doesn’t work then decide on a weekly clean-up day where your child must clean his/her bedroom. When cleaning is involved, sometimes allowing your child to decide what suits him/her best really helps, so the final bedroom rules are up to you and your child!

Getting the right kids storage furniture for the bedroom or playroom will also help your child stay more organized. To see some very functional, stylish and well built kids storage furniture visit us today at SimplyKidsFurniture.

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