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Two Thumbs Up for the Cosmos Mates Bed Box by SouthShore

This modern bed gets five stars in my book for its gorgeous design in a sleek Charcoal & Black Onyx finish and I’m not the only one who loves this kids bed! It’s earned 5 stars in several online reviews and by our customers as well.
Cosmos Mates Twin Bed by SouthShore
What’s to love about this Cosmos Mates Bed by SouthShore?, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s trendy and great for a boy or girl’s bedroom and is low enough for a toddler and roomy enough for a teen and adult. The look is sleek, with a black finish and nickel handles to create a modern vibe in the bedroom. This is one sturdy and stylish sleep space for any age kid or adult.

One of our customers mentioned that this bed shipped quickly, was easy to assemble and great for any gender. Customers also love the fact that the drawers can be faced either direction to accommodate any room design. The impressive sturdiness of this Cosmos Mates bed was also mentioned.

Better yet, it’s on sale right now for only $299.00 with free shipping, so it’s practically a steal. If you’re looking for a bed that will be loved by everyone who sees it and sleeps in it, then this SouthShore Cosmos Mates twin bed is for you!

July 17th, 2012 Kim Proulx

SouthShore Girl’s Bedroom Sets for Less! Under $500

Want to save a little money, but not scrimp on style then get one of these SouthShore girl’s bedroom furniture sets. They come with stylish and well-built twin beds with bookcase headboards that offer tons of storage space. The beds also include storage below and each set comes with a nightstand for holding all those bedtime items your daughter needs most. These kids bedroom furniture sets are so stylish and well-made that they’ll last from your daughter’s toddler years all the way through the teens to adulthood. These sets are a wise investment that you don’t want to miss out on!
South Shore Furniture Kids Bedroom Sets
If you like what you see and want to learn more about each kids bedroom furniture set then click on the name below.

1. SouthShore 3 Piece Bedroom Set – Summer Breeze Twin Bookcase Headboard, Twin Mates Bed and 5 Drawer Chest in Vanilla Cream
2. SouthShore 3 Piece Bedroom Set – Lily Rose Twin Bookcase Headboard, Twin Mates Bed and Nightstand in Romantic Pine
3. SouthShore 3 Piece Bedroom Set – Crystal Twin Bookcase Headboard, Twin Mates Bed and Nightstand in Pure White
4. SouthShore 3 Piece Bedroom Set – Step One Twin bookcase Headboard, Twin Mates Bed and Nightstand in Natural Maple

July 8th, 2012 Kim Proulx

Kids with No Sleep Make Mom Grumpy: Tips on Getting Kids to Sleep!

Kids don’t realize that when they don’t sleep mom doesn’t sleep and that makes mom very GRUMPY! The good thing is there are some things you can do to get your kids sleeping all the way through the night, so you both wake up in good moods.

The first thing is to learn how many hours of sleep your kids need. Remember, if your child is a baby or toddler some of those hours will include naptime during the day. It’s easy to tell when your child needs a nap, because he’ll show signs of his own grumpiness and when he does his first moan and groan, put him in for a nap immediately. Then make sure that he gets the rest of his sleep at night, so he meets his daily requirements. Below you’ll find the correct number of hours your child should sleep to ensure that he has his best day ever. You’ll also find other helpful tips.
Tips on helping kids get to sleep

A few more Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep Great

1. Get the Right Mattress for Your Child’s Bed! Make sure that your baby and toddler have firm mattresses to give proper support to their growing bodies. When your child reaches school age consider getting a softer mattress or adding an egg crate to make the sleep space a little softer to encourage a longer night of zzzzzzz’s.
2. Keep the Room Temp Cool. Make sure your child’s room temperature is cooler rather than warmer. Between 67 – 70 degrees is the perfect temperature for kids to get some sweet dream time.
3. The Darker the Room the Better. If your kid insists on having a night light make sure to put it somewhere lower than the bed, so the light isn’t shining directly on your child. It’s actually best if the room is very dark.
4. Create a Bedtime Routine. If you make a bedtime schedule that includes some down time before bed like reading books, brushing teeth, taking a warm bath, instead of stimulating things like TV or action packed play, then your child’s chances of getting to sleep fast are definitely increased.
5. White Noise is a Plus. Kids tend to wake up when they hear strange noises, so getting a white noise machine or fan for their room is a great idea. Having that constant lull will keep your child’s mind peaceful allowing him to drift off to dreamland in no time.
6. Foot Massages Work Every Time. If your child really has some serious trouble falling asleep, then give him a foot massage right before bed and his eyes will be closed within minutes after you’re done.

July 1st, 2012 Kim Proulx

Magical Fairy and Princess Playroom Themes for Girls

Who doesn’t want a little magic in their life? I know I do! It’s easy to create a magical, fairy tale playroom for your daughter when you choose a fairy or princess theme. With the help of Delta Fairy or Princess Themed Kids Furniture and Kid Kraft Tables and Chairs your dream playroom design can come true. Check out our Delta and KidKraft design board below to see how you can satisfy your daughter’s need for comfort, storage and play space in the most darling fairytale themes!
Fairy Playroom Princess Playroom

If you like what you see in our design board then learn more about each item by clicking on the item name below.

Fair Theme Playroom

1. Disney Multi Fairies Deluxe Sofa Rocker by Delta
2. Delta Disney Fairies 3 Tier Toy Organizer with Rollout Toybox
3. KidKraft Kids Table with Benches in Pastel

Princess Theme Playroom

1. Disney Princess Pink Flower Sofa by Delta
2. Delta Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box in Pretty Pink
3. KidKraft Nantucket Table with Bench and Two Chairs in White

June 25th, 2012 Kim Proulx

The Most Modern Fish Kids Bedroom Theme Ever!

If your kid wants a fish bedroom theme, but you want to keep your home looking modern and fresh then I have the perfect solution. Combine kids furniture and bedding from Argington with a cool lamp by Lite Source and you’ll have the coolest most contemporary fish themed kids bedroom ever!
Kids Bedroom Fish Theme

In the above Fish Themed Kids Bedroom Design Board I’ve combined (1) The Argington Ayres Twin Bed covered by the Fish and Pebbles Twin Sheet set. I love this bed because of its modern, sleek design and the bedding also has a modern flair thanks to the golden fish mixed with black and gray pebbles. I’ve also included the (2) Argington Ayres Nightstand that matches the bed perfectly and gives your child great bedside storage and a spot to put a cute fish tank or fish picture. Add the (3) Argington Ayres Organic Fish and Pebbles Quilt to the bed to really make that sleep space pop with fabulous fish design. Last, you’ll want to illuminate the cool fish space with the (4) Lite Source Nakia Chrome Table Lamp in Orange Shade that is in the perfect tone of orange to match the unique Fish and Pebbles twin bedding set. The Argington Ayres Kids Furniture Set is coated in a non-toxic White stain to be extra safe for your child and all the bedding is organic to create the healthiest sleep space for your little fish lover.

To view the entire Argington Furniture Ayres Collection and Lite Source Lamps visit us at today!

June 21st, 2012 Kim Proulx

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