Kids Furniture Terms Defined

When buying kids furniture it’s a great idea to get up to speed on today’s furniture terms, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common kid’s furniture terms including: safety features, hardware, types of manufacturing processes, wood variations and more.

After you read over this list, your kids furniture shopping experience will be much easier and you’ll be able to refer to yourself as sort of a “kids furniture pro!” in your circle of friends… wink-wink. If I left something out, please feel free to add that info in the comment section below.
Kids Furniture Terms

Safety Terms

* Eco-friendly – Cribs, beds and dressers that are eco-friendly are made of glues, stains and finishes that are 100% toxic-free and are low VOC. This term means that the furniture’s materials are safer for a child and planet earth.

* Safety or Guard Rails – This term refers to rails that attach to the side of a toddler bed to add safety from falls for your active toddler.

* JPMA certified – JPMA refers to the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association. If a furnishing has a JPMA certification that means that it’s been screened through a special process to see if it’s safe for children and it has passed.

* Drawer Stop Mechanism – This term is used for hardware that’s secured to drawers to keep them from falling out of place

* Static Sides/Rails – If a crib or bed has static sides / rails, this means that the rails don’t move.

* Tip Restraint Kit – This is a kit that is used to keep furniture secure. These kits include two brackets, one that is wall mounted and one that mounts onto the back of the dresser or changer. These brackets are strung together with a tie to keep the furnishing secure and in place at all times.


* Metal Mattress Spring System – (otherwise known as Adjustable Mattress Support or Platform) This term refers to an adjustable support that is part of the board under the crib mattress that allows you to lower the mattress when your baby grows. These come in various adjustable levels; some can adjust to two levels, three levels or 4 levels for greater mobility.

* Recessed Hardware – Hardware is defined as the screws and bolts that are used to hold furniture together and recessed hardware means that each bolt and screw is inset into the wood, so there’s no hardware sticking out or visible that can scratch a child or cause clothes or bedding to get snagged.

* Slat Roll – A wooden slat platform that is positioned under a mattress to guarantee proper support and ample air circulation for the mattress.

* Slats – This term refers to a crib’s vertical rails. This term can also be used for any thin strips of wood or metal used to create bed rails or head/footboards etc…

* Cam Lock Construction – This is reinforced hardware that adds extra durability to a piece of furniture.

* Dovetail Construction – This refers to a type of furniture construction using dovetail joints. This kind of construction ensures that the furniture is extra durable and sturdy.

* Metal Drawer Guides – These are metal guides you can find on the bottom of drawers that keep drawers moving smoothly.

* Metal Drawer Pulls – These can also be referred to as drawer handles to be used to hold onto to pull open a drawer.

* Moldings – These are the decorative pieces that can be found on dresser edges and drawer fronts.

Wood Manufacturing Process and Wood Terms

* Sustainable Forests – This refers to a specific type of practice that ensures there is new tree growth when other trees are removed from the forest. Each time a tree is chopped down seedlings are planted to grow into new trees, so the forest is always thriving. This type of foresting also takes extra safety precautions, so that all wildlife is preserved

* Rubberwood – This is an eco-friendly hardwood that is extremely durable with little chance of warping or cracking.

* Veneers – This is decorative facing that is added to drawer fronts of dressers and changing tables to add a special touch to each piece.

* Engineered Wood – Also referred to as composite wood or man-made wood, this is wood that is made by using adhesives to bind together strands, fibers, particles or veneers of wood in a specific design that meets national or international standards to be used in furniture manufacturing.

April 29th, 2011



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