P’kolino: A Modern Name for Modern Furniture

P’kolino is a company that truly gets what kids are all about! They realize that children learn through fun and play, so all their furniture is designed to create a very playful space for a child. They use bright, cheerful colors like vibrant orange, hot pink, fun purple, bright blue and a grass green. Their furnishings are also kid size, so children have a totally cozy place to sit and play.

Each piece has a unique design that sparks a child’s imagination. P’kolino offers kid’s chairs that are cushy and uniquely shaped. They make desks and chair sets that fit together like puzzles when not in use. They have stackable drawers that can be arranged to create a small or totally huge storage unit depending on how much stuff your child needs to keep organized. They also offer several other furnishings and accessories that will have your child saying… “Wow, how cool!”

You can mix and match these fun furnishings to create a one-of-a-kind, modern space for your child. If you add furniture from P’kolino to your kid’s bedroom or playroom your child will thank you!

April 29th, 2011

Kids Size Furniture Can Make Your Princess Feel Special

Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess and believe it or not that’s easy to do with the right kid’s size furniture. Give that special girl in your life furniture that’s just her size, so she can spend every day feeling like Cinderella in those perfect fitting glass slippers.

First, start by getting a beautiful vanity where your little princess can primp and admire her beauty each day. If your adorable empress loves to play dress-up with make-up and accessories then consider getting a totally decked out vanity with lots of storage space like the KidKraft Delux Vanity Chair in White. If she loves glitz and glamour and wants a dressing station that’s designed for royalty then get the Levels of Discovery Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set. If your little lady of the court prefers furniture with a more subdued and elegantly feminine style then go with the Dexton Princess Rose Vanity Set. Either way, adding a vanity to your daughter’s bedroom or playroom will remind her of how beautiful she is and make her feel special all throughout the day.

Next, give your little Snow White a place where she can snack on apples or have tea parties with friends by getting a kid size table and chair set. If your darling countess likes to have more than one friend for tea or has siblings who wish to join her royal highness at the table, then consider getting the KidKraft Nantucket Table with Bench and Two chairs because it has plenty of space and seating for up to 4 children. If your precious heiress wants to dine or play at a table that creates a fairy tale vibe then get the Levels of Discovery Value Lines – Fairy Wishes Table and 2 Chair Set. If her majesty wishes to be seated in a space that is quite sophisticated looking then consider getting the Dexton Princess Rose Table and Chair Set.

The last item on the must-have list for any royal bedroom is a beautiful and comfortable throne…otherwise known as a kid size rocking chair. If your child wants to be joined by other members of the royal court then consider getting the Kid’s Korner 2 Seat Puzzle Rocker that can fit 2 children comfortably. If her majesty wishes to be the center of attention in her own special seat then get the Levels of Discovery Rock a Buddies Jr. Princess Rocker that is not only made for a princes, but comes with a built-in photo frame where your child can put her favorite picture to claim her special chair as her own. For the duchess who requires extra pampering and comfort, choose the Kid Kraft Upholstered Rocker with Ottoman in Pink Chenille.

With these three kid size furnishings in your daughter’s bedroom including: vanity, table and chair set and rocking chair, your little princess will feel like the head of the castle for sure!

April 29th, 2011

#1 Must Have Kids Playroom Furniture

If you’re creating a playroom for your child there’s one key piece of kids furniture that you must get… it’s a kids table and chair set. Imagine the fun your child will have when doing puzzles, crafts, playing games, using play dough and having tea parties with friends at his/her very own kid size table.

Must Have Kids Playroom Furniture

If space is limited then consider getting a kids table and chair set that comes with built-in storage for keeping papers and craft items readily available. The KidKraft Kids Star Table and Chair Set is perfect for any boy or girl with its primary color scheme and 2 huge center storage bins. This set comes with two chairs, so siblings can play together or your child can invite a friend to join him/her for a snack or a game. Use the bins to keep specific items in order or assign one bin to each sibling, so they can keep their craft supplies separate.

If the primary colors of the KidKraft Set don’t match your playroom theme, there are plenty of other sets to choose from at SimplyKidsFurniture.com. To get your child the perfect Kids Table and Chair Set visit us today. There’s no other piece of kids furniture that your child will enjoy more!

April 26th, 2011



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